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Reefer Madness Icontest
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Yep, yet another icon challenge, this one for the Showtime movie Reefer Madness (which is, might I add, the best thing ever. Go see it if you haven't yet!) and possibly the stage show every once in awhile. Each week a new cap/base/theme/whatever is posted and the members make an icon using the cap/base/whatever. Right now, the only moderator is bargaining. Anyone may join, submit an icon, and vote.


001. Post your icon in the post mentioned each challenge.
002. Only one entry per person per challenge (unless otherwise specified).
003. Icons must meet LJ's standards: 40K exactly or under, 100x100 pixels or smaller.
004. Do not vote for your own icon. It's pretty pathetic, no?
005. Don't ask your friends to join to vote, and don't create multiple accounts to vote for yourself: again, pathetic.
006. You can join just to vote. At first I said you can't, but now you can... it's appreciated if you enter at least once, though.


None, just your typical first, second, and third. If I ever come up with really great category names, I might change this. For now, there's only the one:

The Stuff: Mod's Choice. If you make an exceptionally amazing icon but don't win any awards, you might get this. It might not be given out every week.


Monday: New challenge posted.
Monday - Friday: Submissions accepted.
Saturday - Sunday: Voting.


Every time an icon is voted first place, it gets five points. For second place, it gets three points, and for first place, it gets one point. At the end of the voting period I'll tally everything up and whoever gets the most points gets first place and so on.

Song List for Upcoming Challenges


None yet! If you'd like to affiliate, feel free to ask, IM, or email bargaining. :)

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